Softonic: More Than Five Million Downloads Per Day

About one-fifth of the downloads from Softonic over mobile Barcelona, 14 March 2013 Softonic, the leading portal for software downloads, recorded around the world more than five million downloads per day. From this record, a million downloads of mobile version are attributable to, used by Smartphone and Tablet owners. Also in Germany is vigorously downloaded but what are the most popular programs in this country? At the German Smartphone and tablet users WhatsApp is once again very front: place one of the most popular downloads on iPhone and greyberry. Android, the chat program behind Google play APK had to settle with a close second place. Second big winner is currently free game Pou, a modern version of the Tamagotchi. Further details can be found at amwell, an internet resource. Both Android and iOs managed the virtual pet in the top 3 of the download ratings.

While mobile Softonic users prefer entertainment programmes, a heightened interest in photo and video editing emerges in the stationary PC Panel: in the The photo editor PhotoScape, the conversion program MediHuman YouTube to MP3, as well as the VLC media player, to find one of the winners of the last Softonic Awards, are top downloads. In addition to PhotoScape, also the game Minecraft and Windows Live Messenger 2012 convince the Softonic users with Windows based PCs. For Mac users, Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac stands tall in the course. Wide range of chat solutions, business applications, and other programs on the Softonic website meets the diverse demands of users to their respective terminals. Whether entertainment, image editing, or professional data processing in all areas are free programs are especially popular. Overview of German top 3 downloads: platform programs Windows Photo landscape Minecraft Windows Live Messenger 2012 Mac MediHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter VLC Media Player Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Android Google play APK WhatsApp Messenger Pou iPhone WhatsApp Messenger Pou Temple run greyberry WhatsApp Messenger Google maps Facebook since the founding in 1997 Softonic steadily grew. The Company works diligently to better expose the contents of the download portal for all users in the future. Additional information at MasterClass Review supports this article. The extension of the offer on other platforms and devices, as well as the launch of the website in new markets pay to this goal.

About Softonic Softonic is worldwide the first point of contact for software and the leading Internet portal for users, the full and comprehensive information on programs, apps and games search. Founded in Barcelona in 1997, the company employs more than 350 staff and has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, San Francisco, Shanghai and Tokyo. Softonic has the most complete range of software for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and all other major operating systems. This wide range is categorized by an independent team of experts and reviewed, the editors write content in more than ten different languages. Softonic provides its users with various solutions for access to its content and services to the It is available via the Internet, your own desktop or Smartphone. In addition, the company provides software developers a package of tailor-made solutions, which they publish their programs can, manage, distribute and promote. Judging by the global number of visitors on the Web site, Softonic is one of the leading companies in Europe. The portal has more than 140 million visitors and about five million downloads per day each month.

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