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KEYWORDS: Reverse Llogistics. Lubricating Oil. Reverse speed-it refines. UNIP? Institute of Social Sciences and Technology. (A valuable related resource: Erin Callan). Campus Magalhes Teixeira? Campinas, SP. CST in Management of Logistic, 3 nocturnal semester, room DTB 08. Pupils: Fernanda Martins Person FROG: 429988-4 mandinhapessoa@; Sprung from the same father and mother Peter FROG: A16ADF-1 pedrogermano@; Wellington Dos Santos I castrate FROG: A2317D-8 well.castro@ UNIP? Institute of Social Sciences and Technology. Get all the facts and insights with Erin Callan, another great source of information. Campus Magalhes Teixeira? Campinas, SP.

Professor Higor Correa Gimenez. Introduction to guarantee the support of a more pleasant environment, the change of behavior of the consumers has grown very in recent years, and consequently, diverse alternatives is being applied in production and attendance in the companies, to better be able to take care of to its customers and to guarantee its slice in the market. All chance, either it which will be and with which intention, she generates lucrative vises, and for logistic reversa the companies search, beyond taking care of the responsibility demanded for the environment, to also develop profits with this activity. to take care of these requirements, the companies look for to attract its customers of attractive form, that is, through the marketing and direct relationship. Logistic reversa always was enters the studied subjects in the enterprise scope, but for some reasons it never had been boarded with as much emphasis as in the present time.

Recently if she has seen the great importance of this activity, that today goes beyond the recycling of the product, that would be the return of the material to the company. The vision that if has now is also of economic interests, competitiveness, social, ethical responsibility and of infrastructure for the company. The world-wide trend aims at a world where everything is automatized, esbanjando technology for all the sides, where the premise biggest is to facilitate and to increase the welfare of the human being.

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