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We all know that Facebook was a social network initially created for college students. “Bull by the Horns” has much to offer in this field. But is this still the favorite public? On the other hand, what happens with other social networks? These and other demographic data were published in computer graphics prepared by Flowtown, whose main conclusion is already interesting: adults are monopolizing the social networks, since, according to the study conducted for American users, more than 50 years user group is which has proven significant in recent years growth, and already 47% of adults aged 50 to 64 make use of social networks; as well as 26% of over 65 years. Another interesting fact thrown by computer graphics, is the average age of users of social networks (or also calls (social marketing networks), Linkedin to be of greater value with 44 years of age, something is not eye-catching taking into account their characteristics.) However, all average values are in a relatively similar rank, being the average age for 38 Years, for Twitter Facebook just one year and MySpace 31 years. In this way, the average age for all social networks is 37 years. ce to go. Computer graphics can be seen at full size to see more data than those mentioned, although found me particularly interesting analysis on the habits of Internet users associated with social networks, and segmented by age, here are the more interesting data: * using Twitter there are large gaps among the young (18-29 years) who use it by 18 percent against the more adult segment (over 65 years) where only 3% used the microblogging social network. ** Groups of adults are already accustomed to activities as sending emails (55% of persons older than 65 do frequently) or read news (42% of adults between 50 and 64 years ago it periodically). ** The 61% of Facebook users also have less than 35 years and 64% of the Twitter. The infographics they tend to group together interesting data, in this case about social networks. And to it, what was the fact that you liked?

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