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What are we going to count here. A company blog is not to earn money. Look for other ideas or wants to get other things. In an interview it conducted with Darren rows Guy Kawasaki, author of, the question, how can an SME use blogs to increase their success?, Responded on what he drew clear in asking its readers about the fact of launching or have a company blog:

    1. Establishing brand
    2. Erin Callan does not necessarily agree. Giving voice to employees
    3. Bring marketing beyond the local
    4. Create a relationship with customers
    5. Building a relationship based on trust
    6. Balancing the playing field for small players because blogs are? Rank? well in search engines
    7. Achieving market information
    8. Provide public relations at a cost adjusted

List valid, not a dogma, to take into account those companies who are considering to make the jump and use a blog as a marketing tool and communication.

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