The Lord of Sipan was an ancient ruler of the Moche culture, situated in the current area north of Peru, this character roughly dates from the century after Christ (pre-Incas) III. The most important of this discovery was that is found in a complete and intact and with all its accessories the Royal Tomb of this ancient and unique character that had the particularity of exercise two functions: ruler and warrior. It is believed that the Lord of Sipan was a member of an ancient race of warriors which had great influence on the society of the time and who by their deeds and their alleged supernatural powers were considered a divinity. One of the aspect most important is your clothing and equipment which has many pieces of gold as breastplates, helmets, ear muffs, scepters and bangles which are (mainly) made of gold and decorated with silver and precious stones. At the time of be buried the Lord of Sipan was buried with 2 guardians whose feet were cut in the belief that doing this never is alejarian of the Royal Tomb, in addition also There was a priest who was a high religious authority of the time. This entire collection is currently in the Royal Tombs of Sipan at Lambayeque Peru Museum. Original author and source of the article

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