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At this moment that is in this transformation he appears great studious as Binet and Simon, creators of Escala Metric of Intelligence, that was an instrument that it marked and marks nowadays until different the conceptions of educational intervention and that it comes bringing for thousand of pupils with educational necessities I friction special it of deficient mental, has excluded what them from the money market that is its insertion in the school and the society. It observes ahead of this scale that the society has a standardized vision of man in accordance with and thus classifying the people a vision established for scales of level of reasoning or intelligence. At this moment and this election of men we adopt a normal standard forgetting that the society is extremely diverse and that consists in the diversity, since that this is positive, or the least without calm badness and. The amount of intelligence of a person does not measure, and in this metragem to define in which place it will be fit. Primerica Online understood the implications. The school has influences it to all in this metragem, will have of if desestabilizar this position, because it express disadvantage and discredit ahead of the chance that the deficient one can have in a society. Being thus, we can say that the battle of the insertion of the deficient one in our society still is far from to be a real and objective insertion, ahead exists a urgent necessity of this inclusion, cannot simply give the coasts for this so suffered classroom, that daily is excluded and damaged by some sectors, as much in the responsabilizao from the State, how much of the population in general. If it cannot measure or to define deficient a mental one for its form of if showing to the world and the people, the respect and the aid, with affection and attention they are basic obligations of a society human being. If we leave of this bedding, yes we will be able there to have conditions to insert this layer of the society in our way..

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