Informal work, or so-called work 'on-black ", has recently received wide distribution, despite the fact that in Germany, as in other countries, this kind of activity is prohibited by law and may result in a strict legal consequences. Persons engaged in such activities as individuals and allowing these kinds of activities are held accountable, they may be subject to large fines. At the same time responsible for this activity is differentiated by the legislation. Persons who allow someone to work without proper clearance, ie "In black", are subjected to much more serious responsibility than persons who have completed such work. That, in general, and understandable. Thus, informal work is punishable by law. But what if in the performance of such "activity" in an accident, in which the employee receives trauma, injury, and without medical care simply can not do? Who will be treatment-related cash expenditures that will be much higher? Available in virtually every person "Krankenversicherung" in such cases the cost of treatment does not take over. The answers to these questions are contained in the law, namely, SGB VII.

In accordance with this Act, all persons engaged in production, are already insured under the law of accident production of professional insurance companies (Berufsgenossenschaft). At the same time under the term "engaged in the production" should be understood not only those working formally, for which made all necessary contributions, but also those who work unofficially, that is, "In black." It should be noted that an activity is not essential, no matter whether the worker was engaged in a large production, for example in construction or working for someone else's home economy. All that matters is the fact that the accident occurred during the execution of the assigned work. All the victims in this case have the same rights, namely: All costs associated with staying in hospital treatment costs, drug costs, outpatient treatment will be taken over by professional insurance companies. If the victim in an accident required treatment, the cost of care as well be replicated by insurance companies.

Insurance company may be made and other statutory payments. In case of loss of disability insurance companies pay the appropriate compensation. For In order to timely exercise their rights to know what the employer is obliged to inform the insurance company about the accident took place during three days and a copy of this message, on-demand hand over the victim. What if the employer is in no hurry to inform the insurance company about the incident an accident at work "on – the black" because he does not want to put themselves in jeopardy of the law? (The insurance company may recourse to recover from it all costs associated with the settlement of the case). In such cases, the victims themselves can notify the insurance company and claim their rights to compensation. Insurance companies, in turn, does not always recognize the incident an accident at work and in controversial cases may decline in the production of compensation provided by law. In such cases, need to contact a lawyer to help you protect your rights. Work "in black" – it means breaking the law. But it is important to know that if you do such work in an accident, you are also socially reserved. This article provides general information purposes and is not a substitute for individual consultation. %2bqMicRd9a2P%2bUsIYavTZ3&TARGET=-SM-%2fpfsca%2flogin%2ejsp%3fjumpto%3dpolhome’>Primerica. Rechtsanwalt Andreas Nod Munzstrasse 5, 10178 Berlin. Tel. +49 (0) 30/74776143

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