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1. The first idea you must have clear is that of a customer acquisition cost. Do this what? To get a client, have to perform a costly endeavor: a promotion, an advertisement in newspapers, gifts, party, regardless of what you do, there is always a cost associated with this action. This is how you start your sales cycle and your first contact with the customer. Don’t expect to move the masses if you do not make any effort. 2 Then once you’ve managed to attract your customer, make your first purchase. Already have an amount that you can serve as a reference point to see what the client behavior with your business in terms of revenue. If you are not convinced, visit Dennis P. Lockhart. 3.

Serve a client is not free. You will have to take into account the annual cost that implies you give the service that your customer demands. This cost will decrease the income you receive from each client. It is interesting to note that, to the extent that your customers are more time with you, service costs tend to decrease because the client is more familiar with your way of proceeding. 4. If you have not lost to the client after the first purchase, there will be subsequent purchases that may be in quantities similar or greater depending on the nature of your business.

Generally speaking, when the client you have known and you’ve liked, usually establish a relationship of trust that makes it easier for you to sell you to that client of higher-priced products. 5. Now comes into play one of the most important concepts of any business: the average life of a client. What does all this? Clients relate to you and your business for a time. If the relationship is positive, the duration of the same will be greater. If, on the contrary, things don’t work as we would like, the relationship is broken soon.

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