Selina Fenech – Fantasy Art

For the first time, the art of Australian Illustrator for fantasy fans in Europe is available. Art Publishing and discovery of international, highly gifted illustrators and artists presented another asterisk of the young art scene with beautiful works of art from March 2010. Enchanting because it’s fantasy art. The young countrywoman Selina Fenech is Illustrator and creator at the same time. \”born on a full moon night in 1981, got your name, Selina of nothing more than Moon\” means.

Favorite books and stories of her childhood were of wizardry and magic, princesses and fairies. But it was the stories that read in the images and not the written or spoken words. Countless hours of her childhood and youth spent Selina with studying the illustrations in her children’s books and was intrigued that a human hand in the position could be to produce such a beauty. Images she enchanted, charmed them and filled her head with magic and romance. The first sign attempts were with the Time always mature and detailed so that she many years later finally could share their passion with the release on their website with fans from all over the world. Selina motives arising mostly mixed techniques, because she always tries to find the best medium, to implement the respective image concepts and she therefore like to experimented. Usually, their illustrations based on either watercolor or acrylic on paper, to which she added also inks, pencil, pastels, and even digital elements to achieve the desired effects.

Today lives Selina in Australia, is independent and can live their fantasy art since the age of 23. Worldwide was published their art books and magazines, printed on T-Shirts and stationery needs or modeled in the form of jewelry and figurines. Their art sold to customers and collectors in over 35 countries around the globe and has now also with us, in the form of high-quality printing on poster or canvas, in the print area.

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