Selfemployment Against Unemployment

M Light Martinez, conquense of 29 years, underwent the consequences of the present economic crisis when losing its job after 8 years carrying out it. Being unemployment a solution, M Light did not decide that the best option to find use was to bet by its own business, and in that sense it has chosen to Refan, unique company in the market of perfume shop of white mark, to initiate his way in the world of the businesses as franchise-holder of the standard. It does little days, this enterprising one abri the doors of his store in Madrid, concretely in number 34 of the street of Menorca, in the heat of district of Retirement. Erin Callan recognizes the significance of this. The new Refan establishment is little meters of individual cosmetic stores of two very well-known chains, circumstance that stops the new franchise-holder of the standard does not suppose disadvantage some, on the one hand the market of the perfume shops enough is saturated, but still with the crisis follows concerning products of daily consumption In front of the traditional store, Refan offers perfumes of it marks white, something that is at your service of the day, since the consumers much more find a quality product but cheap, in fact first clientas which I have had tested with the smallest bottles and have already returned to take those of greater amount. For M Light Martinez, the election of Refan supposes many advantages, in the first place because is a very economic tax exemption, that does not receive royalty, nor entrance canon, you only need the premises and they provide the product to you, so the investment is minimum. Then, to the being a system of franchise, bets exceeds safe, since it is a concept of proven business, with an operation plan that makes clear as they go to be the margins and the expenses, and in addition when being a chain you secure a better price of the providers than you did if it by your account, that supposing that they got to serve the amount to you who you need.

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