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What brings self marketing on the net at all, what’s the benefit? What brings self marketing on the net at all, what’s the benefit? The visibility and availability of social networks is critical for job seekers. It is also beneficial on a Personensuchmaschine and online reputation platform to be present E.g. on Yasni. Dennis P. Lockhart is a great source of information. With a free profile, you can optimally control its online presence. It comes to be discoverable by the recruiter and identifiable as a specialist or executive employees. This makes sense even if you are not active in job search, since it can be found and addressed through appropriate profiles as a latent Jobsuchender. Why so voluntarily eliminate such possibilities? What are the dangers, what can you go wrong? You will be laughing: the biggest danger is not going to be.

Otherwise you can make not much wrong. Who fills out his profile carefully takes the time and makes for good current photo material, does everything right. What platforms would you personally recommend, which are not? XING and LinkedIn in this order. Facebook is not mandatory and not relevant to the job (yet). Google + has job-specific low weight from my point of view and is not self-explanatory for the user. Is it important for professional development, to present themselves on the net? Visibility and accessibility is everything.

Who is not striking, is not observed. What good is it to be good if nobody knows it? What good is it to be better if others sell themselves better? There are two ways: differentiate or lose! Only with the right platform, E.g. XING as the clear no. 1 in the German-speaking world and a carefully made profile can be attention, gain interest and chances of success. Can you give specific advice, as it presents itself best in the net? Confusing, incomplete and erroneous profiles are probably no chance without photo.

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