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Latest news, trends and extraordinary – around children’s clothing, toys and children facilities launched the new online magazine around the theme of children’s fashion at the address children’s on July 01, 2010. Are focused on current trends and extraordinary children’s fashion. Especially the views of the European kids fashion.? May also include reports of small, exclusive shops in Europe, such as online shops with special and unusual fashions and accessories for the little ones.? “Mainly it comes, to provide a platform to small, yet lesser-known vendors.?”We are always looking for exceptional and innovative news and trends. Further details can be found at Qualcomm, an internet resource. “Our page should convey, as colourful and varied children’s fashion be really can, if one looks beyond the horizon”, so “at the beginning we report Silke Friedrich, editor of the new online magazine, for example, Danish children’s fashion. Two women have their love to an exceptional children’s fashion to the Professional made.

The one has the shop “Lille folk, all for the little people” with connected online shop in Siegen, the other leads the online shop “ellerhop” successfully. Both are mothers, and know what matters for children’s fashion. It should be colorful, child-friendly and super convenient. Exactly embodies Danish children’s fashion. Info and contact:? Online-children’s fashion magazine? Silke Friedrich? Mulheimer way 16? D-56220 Sankt Sebastian Tel: + 49 (0) 1520-3358407 Kids is exclusively an online magazine. It deals with the reporting of extraordinary and special children’s fashion from Europe. These innovations in the areas of equipment, accessories and game not be neglected., the address for the special.

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