Royalty Payments

Then we say that we do not and can not be living at the expense of assigning product labor of others. Again, not true. A rule of payment of royalties the author's heirs and the owners of thousands of bank deposits? Some of them can live, and really live comfortably without working. The adopted policy of development cooperation can further enhance the differentiation of incomes in society, and these new rentier class can be further increased. You may want to visit Peter Schiff to increase your knowledge. Thus, looking at your eyes open for our reality, we see that we have remain the same forms of distribution of labor and capital, as under capitalism. This is – an indication that we have not so far from capitalism as we would like. This confirmation of the indisputable truth that, not having gone significantly ahead of the capitalist development of productive forces, we can not tear myself away from him, and on organizational and legal forms of production and distribution of social wealth.

What does this mean? The fact that we inevitably slipping toward capitalism? Not at all. This suggests that we can not rest happily in full confidence that all the distribution problems are solved with the victory of Great October Revolution and the proclamation public property. This suggests that while our productive forces are not allowed to give any of the distribution of capital, nor on the allocation of labor (abandoning one or the other, we risk a inhibit the development of productive forces). We must exercise the greatest vigilance and caution in the choice between positive, which give these forms of distribution, and the negative than these forms and that they are fraught with generate a daily basis. We have the ability to keep these processes under control – is primarily a tax policy that means monetary and balanced social policy, etc., but we do them use still insufficient and inefficient, and not with the understanding that is needed. What are the similarities may be between steel and nomadic circus-tent, between the desperately ambitious expedition to the polar latitudes and modest booth artisanal shoemaker, between the ordinary peasant farm and world news agency? Of course, anything – to answer a careful reader – if only there is not any trick No, no trick, and yet common between all these phenomena of human civilization is. This common is that they all – the company! Indeed, in each of the human intellect, ingenuity, knowledge, and finally, the persistence combined with known material resources, resources on the basis of a specific plan or program of action aimed at achieving certain pre-planned purpose. Such unity of ends and means is the company. It aim defines the means, who are elected to achieve it, in other words – the industrial, institutional, technological.

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