Find the right makeup without consulting. The primer is step one and almost the most important part of the day-make-up. Whether with liquid make-up or concealer or a compact powder; When used correctly, all variants lead to a great result. How to wear on the primer is a matter of taste. There is the possibility to do this with a makeup brush or with a sponge or fingers. The distribution and the use of the correct color is important. You get them out using the ancient technique of hand test.

Simply distribute the color at the store on the back of the hand and see what color most likely so as not visible fits, is. In case of doubt always to the lighter shade access. Blackheads or eyes with a lighter shade cover. Thus arises a uniform color on the entire face. Perfectly round off to the primer with a loose powder in skin color or transparent. You can muster it optimally with a brush or even a tassel. The first two steps you should not omit from the eye area, there It provides an ideal base for example, the eye-shadow.

The makeup for the eyes should be moderate during the day. Using eyeshadow pencils or Kayal, you best achieve this result. The handling is very easy and super fast. You want to create a gradient or provide for an impressive appearance, you should use loose eye shadow in several shades. Most natural Act the colors Brown, beige, ochre and white. Together, they form a nice colour result and a great color transition. When applying the colors you should observe following things: far apart the eyes, you should apply the dark colors on the lid towards nose, and thereby put the bright places under the eyebrow. At closely spaced eyes are dark colours should be used to rather direction ears on the lid so pull out. Visually, the eyes are pulled thus apart. With the help of these little tricks, you can create much contour in the face and cover up visually small blemish. This creates not only with Eye shadow, but also with Rouge in the right places. Be sure that always the dark places – which are covered with Rouge – recede into the background and the bright spots in the foreground. Means that, for example, strong cheek bones with the right emphasis can be narrowed or a long Chin can be shortened visually. To enhance facial contours should the eyebrows nicely drawn and if necessary will be patched with eye shadow. The shape of the eyebrow is determined by the shape of the face. When rather angular face shapes the eyebrows should run soft and round, with round face shapes exactly opposite; rather angular and stressed. To complete a beautiful day makeup a colorless enough lip gloss on your lips or a lipstick lip color. As always on it, make sure that either the eye or the mouth are stressed. Both works fast very cluttered. Who is still uncertain, which fits perfectly with its type, can take a professional consultation of type of or just book a complete makeover. Christin salami

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