River San Francisco

Which age the moment to fulfill the promises of campaign in the social matter? The society was waiting a reply of the government because it had chosen the new government to move, does not stop being the continuity of the previous one. Although the reluctance or failure in some programs, as ' ' hunger zero' ' , the government obtained in the first mandate the implantation of some politics sufficiently excellent such the Stock market Family, the Prouni, etc., however, other programs had not had success, even so having continuity in as government, the results are pfios. For example, the program of agrarian reform was reduced very little of what it expected, having given emphasis to the reinforcement of the National Program of Agricultura Familiar (PRONAF), established for FHC in 1995, for urban mobility few things had been made and few set free resources. Beyond these and other programs that if success in the government waited SQUID, but the results had been frustrating, exist the institucional question where the government failed in the approval of important laws for the country as the reforms tax, politics, member of labor party and the previdenciria with the creation of the deep one of complementary providence of the pbico server. With the occured yaw in the 2006 for the growth of the economy, raising level of job, collected taxes and the strong demand of products of the country in the exterior with very good prices were possible government to follow and to extend its politics of social inclusion, notadamente with increase of the number of participants of the Stock market Family and access of the poor persons to the superior level, with the Prouni.

Politics that aims at the increase of the purchasing power of pertaining individuals the stratus lowest of the society has been practised such as recently the increase of the minimum wage for the increase of the GIP of two years previous more the inflation of the previous year is viable in average stated period, but it can become not adequate for a longer stated period. Of general form, the government SQUID could have very better, but it was very superior what much people thought. Its government is far from being a failure. To give food who does not have what to eat and the execution of the transposition of the River San Francisco for the Northeast with its revitalizao they are praiseworthy acts and its responsible worthy one of being remembered by much time.

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