Richard Cantillon

All the semester, each unit gains a check, that is delivers to a deep administrator for elect people for the direct vote, whom they decide the destination of the money; 12. OUR PEOPLE all are treated by people, who compose one or more teams. Terms as ‘ ‘ funcionrio’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ empregado’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ subordinado’ ‘ others, are not used in the Semco; 13. INFORMALITY little parties in the end of the expedient, entrance in meetings is where not called and other formalities, are common in the company; 14. PRIDE the satisfaction and pride feelings exists in all the members of the teams.

Responsible for an annual invoicing around 160 dollar millions, count currently on 13 main executives and Ricardo Semler works in house, giving freedom and autonomy for all of its equips in the power to decide processes. Recently the new innovation aches enterprising is the not territorial office, that as Semler understands in joining in one same space multiprofessional work group, formed for professionals of diverse areas to work together, side-the-side. The new workstation, is not fixed, being able to be also in house or available environments in the building-headquarters. 3. The Semco case and the theories of the empreendedorismo Ahead of the enterprising actions of Ricardo Semler the freight of Semco S/A we can cite some enterprising characteristics consonants with the classic theories of the empreendedorismo, that will be pontuadas to follow. For the theoretician and economist Richard Cantillon has a difference between being enterprising and to be capitalist.

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