Residual Income

Many of us know perfectly which means linear or so-called income also salary which is the money that we receive each month to be hired as employees in any company existing on the market; also people who are independent professionals know what it means to receive income for the specialties of which were trained. We know that the vast majority of people around the world receive a salary for the work carried out in their work, many others receive revenue for their particular fees and that the income received is an important part of their lives. We live so immersed in our daily routine that simply every day does not allow us to lift the look and see how it is changing the world and the opportunities that are emerging in the. The residual income is not another thing that win n times the work done once; and to prove it enough to see to different personalities in the Middle as writers, musicians, actors, singers, producers, cinema, etc. which achieve and have achieved make revenue by copyright that allows them to earn money with the work done once is where lies the true power of the residual income. We might think that this is restricted only to people with certain talents in areas such as music or writing, perhaps also think that only the actors and singers may be the only ones privileged to generate this important engine of income and to be able to access it would necessary to become writers, singers or any of those activities in which we have not developed. Now in the new knowledge-based economy, these barriers have been virtually eliminated, the Internet has played in the era of information and it plays a key role for the development of skills and therefore the exploitation of opportunities that can help us achieve our most cherished dreams. Network marketing supported by the knowledge culture is the key tool that can give us the possibility of achieving this powerful type of income; the different companies on the market have some better that others – compensation plans that would enable us to achieve these dreams, need only analyze them and see which can offer us products with which we sit comfortable and also having a plan of compensation according to our expectations. The phrase is better divide 100% of work among 100 people, that make themselves 100% work defines clearly the model of network marketing, support to the team, the synergy that can be achieved by integrating more and more people to our network, the premise that must be taken into account in knowing that to achieve success I also support my team that they achieve their goalsthe mechanism to support the sponsored, collaboration between each and every one of the members is what can come to develop the long-awaited residual income that many people want to. If we start to think about this, we will see a new world open to us, more free time, the possibility of unlimited income that are generated by the members of our network, leave as an inheritance to our children a mechanism as the exposed lines above is from my point of view the most important thing that can be achieved to participate in business of this kind, and also have the satisfaction and the ability to enforce us by ourselves precisely in these times that secure jobs are a thing of the past.

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