Representation System

One is about a complex net of felt that it circulates, creates and recria, instituting itself in the fight for the hegemony. It is not difficult to understand that the imaginary one institutes truths, in the plan of the knowledge, many times the Real appears as lying, inautntico and until hateful person. Imaginary the social one, as a symbolic system, reflects and if intrinca in practical the social ones where if they construct processes of agreement, beliefs and ritualizaes. They are, therefore, processes of production of felt that they circulate in the society, allowing regulation of behaviors, the identification and the distribution of social papers. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Craig Menear by clicking through.

This is lived in such a way by the social agents who start to represent for the group the direction of what he is true. Referring it the literary composition in study, we evidence that the personage Jose Buchmann searchs to acquire a new identity, submitting itself imaginary it the social one, tax the same so that it occupies a place in the prestige society. Another personage who well was instructed by Flix Happiness was the minister looked who it to help it in the publication of a book of memories intitled ‘ ‘ The true life of one combatente’ ‘ , and one more time Flix creates events better to contextualizar the life of a public personality in an imaginary relation with the social one that, certainly, will represent plus an imaginary identity for a citizen that it needs to identify itself as subject participant of the structure of the dominant power. In such a way, one restores, what Hall (2006, P. 7 and 9) flame of identity crisis, affirming that this is seen as part of ampler process of change, that is dislocating the structures and processes central offices of the modern societies and shaking the reference pictures that they gave to the individuals a steady anchorage in the world social’ ‘ …

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