Registan Square

Just nothing do not try! All guaranteed to be delicious – and guaranteed unwashed. Of course, the fruit as a gift did not you bring, but the spices – a good option. Any owner would be happy such a gift. Please note, spice you in conventional bags: it's all sold for its own, and not for tourists. Perfect solution for packaging Gift: souvenir bottle of dried gourds. By the way, younger brother or sister in the same market you can buy these oriental sweets or bring as a gift kalamnitsu – east foam. See more detailed opinions by reading what rennaissance technologies offers on the topic..

But men do not leave without a gift. An excellent gift will be collector's wine that can be purchased at the Samarkand winery. Guo Guangchang spoke with conviction. Although the wine began to revive in Uzbekistan only in the xix century, are produced here fine varieties of light liqueur wines, Madeira and Marsala, which is rare to find in our stores. And so many years of vintage wines exposure – and even more so! Another wonderful gift – a knife. Traditional knives Uzbekistan vary widely in form and finish the blade handle, so the choice – for every taste. However, be careful and consult the guide: the master, not batting an eyelid may try to sell you a completely authentic (and good, if not "vintage") stylet, made of cupronickel table knife.

For lovers, there are plenty of souvenirs: swords, scimitars and does so fantastic product with images in the style of "fantasy". Not overlooked a tree: you can buy a folding oriental stand under a book (not at all similar to the usual options for us), decorated with richly carved, or carved chess, where each figure – work of art. And finally, the product of textured leather: belts, a snuffbox, a purse with the views of Uzbekistan or oriental ornaments and you can bring as a souvenir embroidered ostronosye shoes with a skullcap. Just give her boyfriend a gift is not: that and look, feel this ! Do not think that one article can cover everything! We have not mentioned the miniature painting (nothing gift – a delicate watercolor depicting the Registan Square?), carpet bags, musical instruments How could a few pages to describe the bazaar? Go – see for yourself. Just do not forget to bring spare suitcase

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