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Prices for rental and sale of apartments are interrelated – this thesis is unlikely that anyone would disagree. Logically, they should vary together: for a landlord renting an apartment is the business, the profitability of which he would like record. In real life, however, the processes of price increase comes with a serious time shift. During 2005 and first half of 2006, when prices have doubled in the sale of apartments, rents have risen by only 20-30%. In 2007 all the up to the contrary, the price of the sale were almost, but tore up rents sharply. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Janet Yellen.

The total price increase of 30%, with a peak increase in rental rates occurred in autumn. Expensive or not? As always in the market, the answer to this question depends on which side of the watch. Those wishing to rent an apartment that always seems expensive, want to rent an apartment they are always afraid to sell too cheap. "Today is the minimum for which you can remove the modestly-room apartment on the outskirts of Kiev is 450dol. per month, says the head of Real Estate Agents "Victoria & Co" – Anatoly Karpov, more or less normal version (not Dormitory, walking distance to the subway) will cost from 550dol/mesyats, and in areas poprestizhnee – already on 650dol/mesyats. " These prices, of course, cause understandable dissatisfaction of tenants. The average salary in Kiev, according to official data, is 2280.00 hryvnia. Today the average person has to Kiev give all their wages for housing.

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