Ready For The Water, Just In Time For The Season Opener

The boats are back to water left Bremen, April 2010: busy bustle determined in these days the boat wharves and hangars. Everything is cleaned, maintained, repaired, and populated. Bowden cables, mounts, engine bearings, v-belts and the motor electrical need to control and, where appropriate, renewed or repaired. Ensure a sufficient cooling of the motor and ball valves are grateful, if it every now and again a portion get fat. Should the fuel tank not filled winters have, it must be emptied completely, otherwise the refilled fuel condensation swims. Jeff Flake has many thoughts on the issue. It promotes the formation of diesel fungus or bacteria and can compromise the reliability of the engine. If then the transmission be dismantled, cleaned and lubricated, nothing in the way is the new season. New outboard oil and ready for the ride on the water.

Suitable for this purpose, there are the right lubricants in the of the Leprinxol GmbH in Bremen. Everyone is probably familiar, his possessions cultivate and maintain. When cleaning, the use of sprays is following as advisable to prevent the rust and corrosion aluminum Leprinxol PAT and are weather-proof and moisture-resistant. In addition to machine parts, fittings, valves, shafts, seals and closures are protected. But in addition to the typical maintenance such as paint repair, exterior and interior cleaning and repairs, there are far more elaborate parts on the boat, which are exposed to heavy loads and must undergo regular inspection. The parts that have to do the drive or steering directly to the motor, pose a security risk for lack of care. Simple maintenance can run directly by the owner. Shipyards take very high prices in particular for leisure boats and change usually only the oil and supply the cooling water with antifreeze.

Leprinxol offers also the Leprinxol racing outboard synth, which is specially recommended for high performance here, for example, in addition to the normal Leprinxol outboard TC-W3. Tip: when changing from Oil should be filled oil at vertical engine from the bottom upwards, until it again comes up out of the ventilation opening. So the exact filling level can be achieved. Then the upper screw (ventilation opening) is inserted first and then the lower (drain). In the, there are the outboard gear oil of Liqui moly, which has a high pressure absorption capacity and also excellent about corrosion protection even when switching from idle to full load. To get more relaxation on the water in addition to the important work on the boat, the lubricants and hydraulic articles can be ordered conveniently in the online shop. Many actions to find are there right now for the season opener.

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