Ratthapark Wilairot

26/06/2010 Great Prize TIM TT of Holland ” catedral” on the motociclismo one has lived today on the most exciting races of the season. Learn more at: Erin Callan. The pilot AMV Toni Elas, who started off from the fifth position of the grill of exit of Great Prize TIM TT of Holland, completed a very positive weekend successful. After signing his third podio of the season, conformed by two victories and a put, secured second today, contributes important points to him in the general classification of the championship of the world of Moto2. In spite of to have left from the fifth position, pilot AMV realised a magnificent exit that, immediately catapulted, it towards the first positions of the race head. An aggressive and very consistent pilotage, carried out throughout all the test, allowed allowed him to neutralize the battery of attacks of Ratthapark Wilairot, first, and the one of Swiss Thomas Luthi later. Italian pilot Andrea Iannone, who at any moment led the test did not leave his pursuers could approach his wheel at no moment. Even so, pilot AMV, who leads the general classification of the championship of the world, conscious of the situation, realised a very intelligent race marking his better returns in a end of very exciting race.

The 24 of AMV, after realising 24 returns in the cathedral, continue leading the general with 24 points of difference before the Japanese Tomizawa, that is second. Toni Elas, Pilot AMV, Leader of the championship of the world of Moto2 with 100 points: ” I am satisfied with the result. It has been a complicated weekend that in the end we have known to solve with a good result. We came from the results of England that left a bad flavor us of mouth. In addition, I could not yesterday secure a good position in the grill, to a large extent because of the traffic found during the qualifying training, but luckyly, I have realised a good exit. The race has not been far from easy, since the group formed by Luthi, etc was approached returned to return with the attacks of Wilairot. When me d account, I thought that it was the moment for tightening a little more and thus I did, finally I could secure it the put second. Iannone has realised a great race, I congratulate to him.

We must sharpen a little plus the motorcycle so that we pruned to continue realising consistent races. I have desire to run in Catalonia the next week. It is a circuit that gives great doses to you of motivation extra”.

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