But the meaning remains the same. Price question on the services we provide in this area, unfortunately, is too high, and the ratio of price to results so far seem not economically profitable, and it is proven not only to me. But despite this, the Internet should be used as a mechanism for transferring information, communication, entertainment, and of course learning. Marketing research in Russia. I want to express my view on the polls. Despite the popularity of this instrument, abroad and here in Russia it is not effective. Unfortunately, the mentality of the Russians impose a large negative impact on equities. I think that those who conducted and participated in them, will agree with me that in our country, people are not accustomed to the polls, and often avoid participation.

And even if we agree that the truth response is poor. Here you can and indignant, but you will remember yourself as you answer the questions and what is your relationship to them. Yes, I agree that there are those who are loyal to the polls and answers truthfully, but to perfectly well. And this aspect of our work should focus on. Attention and the ability to notice the slight nuances or any sociological processes allow us to find the most effective solutions for our work. A psychology allows us to find the cause and properly influence or re-initiate the required movement to us. And also it is very important to those who do not work in a particular region, but a few, as even neighboring regions are very different from each other. Motivation of decision-making and the psychology of shopping is different, and need for them to adapt to the successful achievement of goals.

"Brevity is the soul of wit" – so said a classic. And this statement is always true. In our work, this is no exception. Learning how briefly, capacitance and understandable to express their thoughts, we can easily communicate to the desired audience what you need. But we must learn to communicate brief thoughts to himself. The formulated product is already a thought. Clearer than yourself, the easier it is to explain to others. And bring the information correctly, our work. Part 3. Final. That's how complete this project so to speak. But if you still read to this place, so the approach described above works. By the way, as the completion of the reading material, for the interest of his colleagues asked the shop what the association gives them the word "marketing". I got the answer: vparit, shove, to sell (and that goes very badly). After that I asked the association to "marketing science", and accordingly the answer: supply basic facts in the form of the theory. It turned out pretty interesting, and then I began to think about, What we still do. I hope you have a clear answer to this question. And you know exactly what you're doing, why and how! I wish you success and hope that the work of the human mind will help you, and if does not help, then at least cheer.

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