Purchasing Prices

Designers, copywriters, creators started working on the rights of agency partners. As compensation, each project with their participation provides a percentage of the purchase price. Everything is transparent, and understandable. As shown, the amount that those employees earned as a full-time units, and the money they were earning as a partner agency, were nearly identical. And in certain months (there is not a question of seasonality, we do not) "partnership" and a half times higher than "The accountant." But such a scheme of relationships is much more flexible and designed to work in "difficult times".

Good news agency – good for all partners, fell a stream of orders – do not have to have idle time jobs, everything is logical and fair. In fact, in terms of employees, possible loss of income from work for an agency is perceived as market risk, which counterbalances the opportunity to earn more in good times. On peak of the crisis (September-November), the company managed to retain staff at all without resorting to the practice cuts. Although the content of staff was involved and the financial "cushion" in our company has a strong belief based on experience, that finding new employees will then be much more difficult and costly than to keep old now. Even by reducing the net profits of the company and its top management. Also pay attention to the loyalty, which plays in the creative business, not the least role. If during a difficult period the company parted ways with an employee, it is unlikely he will return to it when things go smoothly.

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