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Leipzig Publishing House published a book about the relevance of Mao for the Western marketing. Iron man is, of course, not ed. What he has done with his Mao Bible, is not necessarily something that you published under his own name. Thus, there is a lot of enemies. On both sides of the demarcation line.

He has translated the text of all the big words expressed by Mao once in the Chinese liberation and civil wars, and then at the time of the large building, in the marketing German. “Mao’s narrative style is characterized by repetition, which are out to prepare the realistic elements of his message and clarify” Eisenmann writes in his preface. You can tell: what he did there 30 years ago with the little red book, lasting effect. There still that glitters. Something that can’t really opens up the present-day reader. Because a real message does not exist in Mao. The sayings in the book are zusammengestoppelt together from all sorts of speeches and speeches that Mao kept his officers and officials. If He speaks of the army and war, he also thinks that.

But what force commander would have ever running Cicero niche speeches to his campaigns or even social theories developed? -Even that which was then in his time as a great Chairman of Mao, are only speeches to a mobilized force. Only the “cadres” have now become from his revolutionary officers and from the liberating Chinese people that “mass”. Who had to read the required party texts in the GDR, recognizes the jargon. And recognizes the emptiness behind the ROAR, the complete the relaxation in a fictional future, which is to be achieved if all individuals have understood only the “correctness of the path” and the “wisdom of the party”. And fix. Elements that are not quickly enough get it, be eradicated. Also, it says.

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