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On the other hand, the version exists of that the cause of the acceptance would have been another one. Alzira Vargas, son of Vargas, would have if involved in one it has caused an accident of car in Canada, native country of the Light, in which it would have been responsible for the death of a person. To exempt it of the arrest, Vargas would have agreed to flooding of Is Joo Landmarks, that already came being coveted for the company. Engineer A.A. Meira Jnior, inspector of the government next to the Light, was against any modification. According to it the discharge in the exit of the turbines in Sources, without the survey of the barrage, exactly at time of estiagem, already was more than three times that the city of Rio De Janeiro needed.

For 1939 return, the Light, started to threaten one boycotting in the electric sector case its plans how much to the increase of the barrage and consequence disappearance of the city they were not taken care of. This why the population started if to show a problem for the plans of the company. The 19 of May of 1939, exactly year of the commemoration of the bicentennial of the city, the Service of National Historic site and Artistic, the order of the marcossenses in an undersigned one, led for Luis Ascendino Dantas, overthrew the city in the attempt to preserve it of the destruction, becoming Is Joo Landmarks, the first Brazilian city to be tumbled. Luis Ascendino Dantas if detached in the fight for the preservation of the city. Public officer state pensioner, head local politician since the decade of 20, but already moved away from the public life, it wrote diverse books and articles on the importance of the city. Beyond the undersigned one taken care of for Frank Mello, representative of the cultural department of the State, Ascendino liberated several others, asking for the preservation of Is Joo Landmarks.

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