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A first passage in the treatment of the addiction to the alcohol is the evaluation of the problem, which must be multidimensional: interview of the patient and his close friends on you rule of drink habitual of the subject, clinical, marking indicators biological, specific and autoregistros questionnaires. A second passage in the treatment of the alcoholism is the definition of the persecuted therapeutic objective: total abstinence or the controlled drink. The indications for total abstinence are: diagnosis of alcohol dependency, physical and psychological dependency of the alcohol, considerable, historial physical deterioration of relapses, existence of other psychopathological problems, medecine taking contraindicated with alcohol consumption, pregnancy, previous failure in program to drink controlled, professional responsibility on third people and explicit desire of the patient of total abstinence. The indications for controlled drink are: diagnosis of alcohol abuse, youth of the affected people, nonexistence of medical contraindications, nonexistence of serious emotional upheavals, absence of consumption of other drugs, familiar and social support, labor stability, existence of certain control of the impulses, relatively short history of consumption and occurrence of periods of sobriety. For the attainment of the therapeutic objective of total abstinence, the programs of treatment of the alcoholism consist of the following four phases: A) Phase of motivation. The objective is to design motivational strategies for the change.

The phase of motivation must begin from the first moment which the patient makes contact with enemy with the clinical center of treatment. During this phase it is fundamental that the alcoholic one takes brings back to consciousness of the consequences that the drink causes to him, of the benefits of the abstinence and the real possibilities of recovery. For it, is due to take advantage of any information the clinical history of the patient familiar rupture, problems with the children, physical degradation, labor repercussions, etc. and to secure therefore a motivation for the change.

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