Properties In Bulgaria And Projections For The Future

Last year, house price growth in Bulgaria was one of the highest in the world. In January 2008, it became clear that this trend will continue. Specialists of the company that sells property in Bulgaria, commented situation as follows: According to the American Research Center Global Property Guide, in the III quarter of 2007 from the mortgage crisis hit U.S. and European markets, with experts from companies give optimistic Forecasts for Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia. The demand for real estate Bulgaria outstripped even Shanghai, which held leadership on price increases of 28% over the first 10 months of 2007.

This suggests that the coming year will be favorable for investment in Bulgarian property. Is expected to boom in the construction of resort apartments on the coast, most of which will be commissioned in 2008. This is not surprising: in the past two years, Bulgarian development ahead of all previous figures. In addition to the rapid growth of infrastructure, rapid construction of malls, business – centers, skyscrapers, the Bulgarians hard erect residential complexes, assimilating and adding advanced European architectural trends. In recent months, Peter Schneider Primerica has been very successful. The Russian owners of property in Bulgaria do not hide the surprise: "In the autumn flew with his family in their apartment" catch "the velvet season. A visit to Bulgaria in the winter, I was amazed How has the area around my house. Having bought an apartment here two years ago, this year felt like the owner of the European real estate. " According to the forecasts of the House Builders in Bulgaria, turns into the real estate sector soon reached 5,5 billion, "The basis of the construction boom – the demand for modern housing, commercial and administrative area – the chairman of the House Business Nikolin Gavrailov.

– Increase in investment, tourism, production and the need for modern infrastructure, stimulate the market. " In his view, the industry's development will continue, and by 2010 the construction sector will grow 12-16% annually. The coming period will be interesting to the Russians in terms of investing in real estate. In Bulgaria, in 2008 officially declared the Year of Russia, between the two countries signed in the presence of the presidents of eight political agreements. So Russian investors are waiting especially welcome. The company "Evrobereg" (selling real estate in Bulgaria)

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