An essential component is the investment worthiness of the customer point of view a detailed cost / benefit analysis is to ask to what customers will be actively sought contact and closer relations. For the company’s the total value of a customer is composed of three sections: a) informational value, b) communicative akquisitorischer value, c) monetary value of customer profitability. Changes in the economic environment (local, global), socio-demographic changes, advances in information technology, complex product lines, increased global competition, shorter product cycles, etc. Process of marketing customers focus on CRM, information databases integrate, internal and external information, knowledge about win, when a customer is to contact the company and which distribution channel (telephone, letter, etc.) this is the preferred, identify probability for successful acquisition of new customer contacts and assess customer loyalty, identify each customer purchase preferences, Identify products which are not purchased by the profitable customers and why? Identify likely to churn, customer profitability and potential, most profitable customer segments, identify and evaluate, purchase probabilities for cross-selling identify, optimally allocate marketing budget to the advertising measures. On the basis of holistic concepts see also Becker, Jorg: intellectual capital report with customer barometer capital of the customer relationship, ISBN 9783837051773. Because customer relationships can be designed in varying intensity, an essential component of the marketing planning is the investment worthiness of the customer.

The product is sold only in a simple customer relationship, there is no further customer contact. In a reactive customer relationship, the customer at the time of purchase is encouraged to sign, if questions or problems arise. Phoned in a responsible display customer relationship the customer after purchase to find out whether the product meets its expectations, if he has to make a suggestion or is otherwise dissatisfied. A proactive customer relationship, the customer is contacted periodically via mailing, email and telephone with remarks about meaningful product applications or information on new products. A detailed cost / benefit analysis is therefore to ask, to what customers will be actively sought contact and closer relationships established and the expenses for the maintenance and design of the existing customer relationship should be as high. For the company’s the total value of a customer is composed of three sections: a) informational value, enter into the all exploitable for the company information, accruing to him by the customer. (b) communicative akquisitorischer value, i.e., to what extent a customer maintains positive word of mouth advertising or refer a friend for the company. (c) monetary value of customer profitability, which is expressed in monetary units, the individual customer for the company as profitable (= contribution margin from current demand + contribution from projected cumulated demand x) Probability of demand). The profitability of the customers is lower, the sooner the customer breaks off the relationship and moving to a competitor.

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