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According to general director of Novosibirsk, the developer of the Soyuz-10 “Alexander is flat with no trim and is 30% cheaper than buildings used on a turnkey basis. The latter option includes the full range of alignment, plastered walls and finishing of walls, floors and ceilings, installing plumbing, engineering systems, doors, etc. Thus, the housing shall be fully prepared to stay. In Russia, the building companies involved in construction of urban houses with flats on a turnkey basis, is extremely small. According to the head of information-analytical portal “Kvadrum. Real estate of Russia ” Alexei Lipskerova with fine finish, mainly for rent municipal housing economy class. However, the situation is slowly changing. Now in Russia began to appear the company offering fully prepared to move commercial housing.

An example is the home of the company “Peak” in the metropolitan New-Kurkino. Builders of St. Petersburg have gone further. Thus, firm zao Lenstroytrest “(St. Petersburg), which specializes in construction Brick-solid houses, has introduced the service “Optima Repair”. It involves the full rehabilitation of the apartments in accordance with the wishes of customers, and work is planned in advance and carried out before putting the house state commission and the cost is included in the price of the apartment. It is worth noting that, unfortunately, not all construction companies perform finishing work with due quality.

Often, residents complain about the uneven walls, cracks, Faulty installation of engineering systems, etc. Therefore, experts advise before moving in the act of reception-transmission of an apartment must specify all the shortcomings that later could make a claim developer. According to Article 29 of the Law “On consumer protection, it can be done within 5 years, but if the act of acceptance of transfer is signed, you may need to trial, and it usually takes a long time and hampers the further integration and housing. So, gradually new buildings occupy an increasing proportion of the housing market. It is hard to find a man who refuses to live in the new house, built using modern building materials and technologies. Just need to find a suitable option. A choice today is from what, and this applies not only to the area and the area of the apartment building, but also its layout and decoration, as in the recent past it was impossible dream. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS.

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