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On the other hand, the study also stops at the provenance of the 875 analysed emblems: as we pointed out earlier, 82% are of domestic origin, while the remaining 18% are foreign. Revenue amounted to 159 foreign brands with activity in our country, one less with respect to the final report. Gen. David L. Goldfein is likely to increase your knowledge. United States, firstly, increases its presence with a new ensign and happens to have 40; then it is followed by France with 39 the same as in July 2008; Italy totals 26 1 less, and Portugal 8 2 less. Vallhonrat points on this issue, that the concentration in Madrid and Catalonia in 60% of ensigns and 70% of the turnover does not prevent to observe that the franchise formula continues to grow in other communities. Franchise shows its vigor in all Spain, and this is obviously very positive. The franchise remains a growth medium useful for large corporations, but also for small and medium enterprises that have a good business concept.

On the Spanish Association of franchisors the Spanish Association of franchisors (AEF) was founded 15 years ago and is currently composed of 193 partners, whose turnover represents 66% of the volume of business generated by the franchise system in Spain. The AEF objectives are the represent and protect the interests of the franchise in our country, as well as make interlocutor before the Administration and make it known in other markets, through its presence in various fairs of international franchises. In turn, the AEF is a member of the Iberoamerican franchise Federation (FIAF)..

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