Presidential Security

PRESIDENTIAL SECURITY E.U.A After attending and analyzing the film we can see some factors that had contributed for the success of the attempted against ones. Each in case that it must be analyzed of different form. Although the majority of the presidents to have some agents, notices that they did not have a plan of so efficient security, or perhaps the incredulity of the president it can have contributed with the assassins. The maiorias of the murders had occurred for incautiousness of the presidents, leaving the security perimeter and if approaching to the multitude, an act that its eyes seemed insignificant, but that they had finished paying with the life. The agents of service private they are trained for the most diverse situations of risk, therefore it is not a so easy task to make the security of the president. It must be prepared and intent all and the any different movement of the normal one, so that nothing it has left wrong and it does not have that to jump in the front of a bullet.

Currently they are used of the most diverse apparatuses of security and technology to guarantee the security of the president and of its familiar. The environment where it will be to shelter the president in some event or visits must total be revistado, so that none attempted against against the life of the same does not happen. An agent of the private service has that to be a discrete person, therefore she walks to the side of a public entity very known and description and disciplines are essential to guarantee success in the missions of day-by-day. The team that folloies the president goes since its personal security until its cooks, each president has its proper team folloies who it all and any event that will be. Concluding, either the security of the president or any another authority the security agent must be prepared physically and psychologically, intent to that it occurs to its redor and in tune with excessively the agents to guarantee success in any mission. Alxis Baslio

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