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Packaging – a very important source of information about a product, ie about us – producers, the rules of use, shelf life, the composition of products, etc. 1 No less important is implemented in the package a visual image of the goods, represents a certain combination of colors, fonts, geometric shapes and other elements of the fine series. Packaging helps to dissipate the consumer look to grab the right product among the motley diversity of the counter. Sensible packaging identifies the product of the number and the like, other things being equal, the product provides the consumer preference. 99.9% of products being introduced to the market with a view to possibly less time obtain the greatest possible profit. This is one of the postulates – the business must first be profitable. More info: Home Depot. But in order to successfully sell the product does not need to invest huge money in the development and manufacture of packaging – The question is to what products are being plotted representation and to whom the product was designed.

There is a target group – a group of consumers, the firm will be guided in their activities. Does sense to invest in the packaging, when only one price can be a deciding factor when purchasing a consumer of the product. Expensive packaging may discourage the contrary is not burdened with unnecessary tools buyers, and those who may be interested in quality packaging, not on cheap stuff kupyatsya lurking inside. From this we can conclude that the packaging must exactly match the product. The manufacturer should not try to do gift box cheap tool for cleaning toilets, because the user will be plunged into shock and will not buy such a product, packaged like an expensive cologne. The same situation is only accurate to the contrary, appears at considering other situations where a manufacturer or seller of an expensive product stingy to invest in the development and production of packaging. The consumer wants to be “made beautiful”, just in case if he spends a lot of money for the purchase of any goods not cheap.

In the design of packaging, the focus is on how the buyer will perceive the packaging. After all, a product that appears on the market, in any case has its own brand and design, which are constantly and daily communicate with potential buyers. And how distinctly and clearly said means goods brand and packaging, “Buy me!” Depends on how the company will be able to save their funds for marketing and profitability of sales. Having examined the nature and function of the package, you can make out some kind of relationship between product promotion and packaging in a market economy. It consists of three phases: before transaction in the transaction and after the transaction. 1 Khlebovich D. Scope of services: marketing: a manual for students in higher education / A Khlebovich II, ed. PhD, prof. TD Burmenko.

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