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One of the characteristics of the Federal Government is never to face the front problem and yes to launch packages, Programs and action that although great potential of media presents few practical results. Examples do not lack: – hunger Zero was a great launching but in practical the Brazilians not yet it has access to the celebrities 3 meals per day; – the aerial chaos was not faced at no moment. A series of measures had been announced, few effectively had been fulfilled and the subject finished cooling for proper itself; – it remembers the National Plan of Public Security, call the CAP of the Security? Not yet it left the paper; – the Plan of Partnership Public-Private, also the famous PPP, until today does not exist; – the CAP, then nor if speaks. Much foam for little beer; – now we are seeing the Plan National of Habitation, that badly was announced already presented a portion of execution problems. Perhaps but the example most finished of the inao it government is the current politics join-duni-you of fiscal disinvesting of a charge. This new invention of the Government Squid foresees to open the bag of bondades of the tax policy only for one and others.

The necessary action governamentas that would have to serve as an incentive to the companies, previnindo resignations and closing of plants, for some reason that nobody which is, finished benefiting only some chosen sectors to the finger, while the others had been deliver to the proper luck. But why? Lack of a more efficient lobby on the part of the too much sectors? Not alignment with the ideology of the government? The reasons we really do not have as to need and yes to lament. Reaction of esquecidosDe fact, the packages of disinvesting of a charge of the federal government to stimulate some sectors of the economy already despertaram covets it of associations and syndicalists.

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