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How to increase traffic to your site, many owners of web-sites hurts this question. If the day comes to you 15 or 50 visitors a very very small. On the other hand, as long as you need to host a day, what purpose you put yourself? Good trafikovy flow is 500 or more visitors a day, that should be your goal to which you should aspire to. There are many ways to increase the number of visitors to your site, but today we will stop, it is one of the options viral marketing – is the creation of free electronic books. That e-books can be a tremendous source of traffic to your website. Imagine such a picture, you have created e-book and laid out in his on the site. For you have gone 100, with your book which will fetch 50 people, she liked them and they have posted on your site for free download on their site went down too 100 visitors download your ebook and also 50 people posted on their sites and so on to infinity. The book spawns on the Internet like mushrooms after rain.

In this free book has a small ad unit on your site, the book's readers will be able to obtain useful information for yourself and at the same time acquainted with your advertising, your suggestion may seem to many interesting and they will drop the link to your website. And the more distributed free e-book, the more will grow the number of hits on the counter of your site. To make this plan worked, free e-book should meet certain characteristics: 1 The book should be interesting the target audience to which your site.

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