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Today I’ll give a technique that will revolutionize the way you think about yourself, that is going to help you be a better person and above all to love and accept yourself. You will discover your greatest virtue and so you can start working on it, developing it and promoting it to the maximum, to squeeze it as if it were an orange that you want to get all the juice. A few days ago you talk of self-acceptance and the auto-comparacion, so that you understand why is this so powerful exercise I must explain a little more about the auto-comparacion. Human persons make many mistakes throughout our life and one of them is that we compare between us and know that comparisons are odious and unfair. Hotwire is full of insight into the issues. When we compare ourselves with someone we have tendency to see the greatest virtues of others and find us, but each person is a different world and the virtues of others cannot be compared with their own, because they are simply different. Not to find them we transform the virtues of that person in own failures and attract negativity toward us.

Comparisons, not help us in our lives. But because we treat us this way? Because surely we want to know if there is much difference with our fellow human beings. To know more about this subject visit Peter Schiff. Perhaps for fear of rejection, to be seen not just as other people. It plays a trick on our self-esteem. So if we see the good of others, and bad in ourselves. What will be people who look at you? I propose this, get a list of ten people who are part of your day to day (friends, relatives or people with which you work) but that they are people with whom you talk often to listen to that go with thee to walk, cinema or out of cups. It is very important to be part of your daily environment, because these people know you, know you well and have the power to nurture yourself actually as you are.

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