Power Cable NYM

Brief description of kabelySilovoy cable nym – a modern type of cable produced according to German standard din vde 0250 and intended for transmission and distribution of electric power in stationary installations for variable voltage up to 0,66 kV 50 Hz. Cable used in electrical installations of buildings and facilities for the safe use of electrical protection class 1 on electrical safety. Also, cable nym can be applied to laying of power and lighting networks in hazardous areas Class V1b, V1g, wpa, for lighting networks in hazardous areas Class B1a. nym cable is of universal application and can functionally replace some traditional brands of cables. Construction kabelySilovoy cable nym comes in two forms: Solid and stranded (up to 12 cores). The conductors are made of copper I or class ii stranding in accordance with gost 22483. Insulation made of pvc and has a solid color stain. In this isolation he lived zero runs in the blue color, living earth – a double, greenish-yellow.

nym cables depending on the brand are all strands in isolation black with numerals (NYM-O) or six lived with markings and a green-yellow (NYM-J). Requirements for cable nym tu regulated standards established by State standards. Nominal values of insulation thickness and shell and minimum tolerances for these values are set to gost 23286. din standard regulates only the average value of insulation and sheath, which should not be lower than nominal. Minimum values is not allowed. In addition to the isolation of living there is an additional layer of filling melonapolnennoy rubber, lets get a round shape cable. In addition, this layer enhances the fire safety cable increases its flexibility, serves as a barrier to the penetration of moisture inside the cable.

The latter is especially important when cutting cable nym occurs in humid environments, as well as in the case of damage to the shell and insulation in during operation. The outer shell is made of cable NYM-extinguishing flexible pvc light-gray color. Technical and operational harakteristikiSilovoy nym cable is designed to Operating ambient temperature – 50 C to + 50 C, relative humidity up to 90% (at + 35 C). Limiting long-term exposure temperature core heating cables in the operating mode to + 70 C. Tolerance temperature heating cable cores in an emergency mode or overload + 80 C for the duration of heating not exceed 8 hours per day and 1000 hours for the entire term of service. The maximum permissible temperature of conductors under short circuit (Up to 4 sec) + 160 C. The cables nym 10 min. ac voltage withstand test of 2,5 kV. Laying and installation of cable nym without preheating at a temperature not lower than -5 C. The minimum bend radius when spacer 4 Dn where Dn – od cable. The warranty period power cable nym – 5 years, lifetime – 30 years. Scope primeneniySilovoy cable nym used for industrial and domestic fixed installation power (overt and covert) in both dry and moist areas, as well as outdoors. However, outdoor use is possible only where there is no direct exposure to sunlight. nym cable used in special cable racks, in boxes, in the industrial and residential buildings and structures for electrical power, requiring the seals as you type. Power cable can be held in masonry and concrete, except for its direct mounting in vibrozasypnoy and stamped concrete. Strip can be carried out in tubes, closed installation and curved canals, laying in the ground is not recommended.

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