Political Ignorance

The only explanation seems to focus on that it had a populist fall that sowed the decline as one unsurpassed plague. Although much of the population lies in political ignorance, lack of political criterion, admittedly the intellectual elite were subjugated in the prosper and the inevitability of the alcohol or the Government protection. Already not thought, less about the social organization and political forms. The praxis of power seemed to make it all in a specialization the trick killing root sense of statesman, i.e., one who sees beyond the present to delve in the consequences of long term processes or the results of programmes implemented without fainting in pursuit of a happiness achieved at the limits of the possible. The behaviour of the vast majority of the rulers of Latin America is product of the ignorance and lack of vision. The old democratic political forms come into crisis by its ineffectiveness, ensuing military dictatorship under the conviction of being more effective, reborn ossified democracy, peoples become tired and then they come to the tragic conclusion to be clients of a State which should provide everything, instead of implementing policies that allow attacking poverty and achieving higher stages of education and welfare. Populism enters the scene under the premise of I love to the people or the stupid nationalism there is one that is not – relive the wrapping of the homeland, in a bath of past where only will vindicate the heroic deeds of war’s bloody independence processes.

This seems a doomed continent to be endilguen lost decades. Greasy opportunism makes the rounds. Decisions on the basis of building future but about the pantomime scandalous special interests, of small credits, of the conservation of power at any cost, are not taken while part of the population leaves hypnotized behind flutist which guarantees to those who leave gifts that the wasteful State is willing to share that love of the ruler is paid with the love of the people.

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