Plateaus River

Ahead of this context, one always becomes necessary, to search diverse alternatives and forms economic and ambient partners for revitalizao of the River Mamanguape, hindering the extermnio of its source and restoring its bush ciliar. Mainly looking for to recoup the degradation of its spring, that passes still more for eminent risks of being destroyed by the man, who does not reflect its ambient utility in favoring the access the community, in the storage and captation of the water for the rain of sustainable form. If you would like to know more about Nicholas Carr, then click here. LOCALIZATION Fixed in the mesorregio of the zone of Mata and the Paraibano Wasteland. The River Mamanguape is born in the Salty Lagoon, a temporary, situated lagoon more than the 500 meters of altitude, in Plateaus of the Borborema, the verge of the cities of Pocinhos, Areial and Montadas. I descend the Mountain range of the Borborema until arriving at the city of Great Alagoa. The sum, the river is temporary, same receiving waters from some perennial streams of this region.

Thus, the eleven cities that are part of the region in the High Course of the River Mamanguape of its main tributaries is: Great Alagoa, New Alagoa, Sand, Areial, Hope, Dry Lagoon, Matinhas, Mounted, Pocinhos, Are Sebastio de Lagoa of the Roa and Round Serra. (CNPMA- EMBRAPA, 2011). Covering up to 170 extension km and its width in the 4 estuary reaches km, becoming perennial until where it arrives at the influence of the oceanic tides and its main tributaries are the Araagi rivers, that its passage initiates in Would saw, and the Quand, in the city of Banana trees. The Basin of the River Mamanguape located in the extreme east of the state of the Paraba, between the latitudes 641' 57' ' 715' 58' ' south and longitudes 3454' 37' ' 36 the west of Greenwich. It is limited the north with the basin of the River Curimata, the west with the basins of the Curimata and the Paraba, to the south with the one of the river Paraba and the east with the Atlantic Ocean. .

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