Plastics Application Markets

More transparency for processors and their customers Bad Homburg, November 2008 for better orientation in the application markets for plastics the leading industry service plastic information (AI), Bad Homburg, now new price indexes introduced. The A-Plastixx “indexes A” stands for application”, English application first simple tools provide for the specific assessment of the development of raw material costs in the most important areas of application of plastics: packaging, construction, automotive and electrical goods. Altogether there are six of the new indices. The A-Plastixx PackFlex applies to the largest each application market to be identified “. Annually more than 11 million tons of thermoplastics are used for flexible plastic packaging in Europe. About 10 million t thermoplastics, however, are represented to fixed packaging processed by the A Plastixx PackRigid”. “The A Plastixx building” standard plastics represents predominantly, of which each year more than 7 million tons of plastics here Find application.

“Approximately 1.3 million tons are needed for the manufacture of electric appliances and electronics mostly Engineering Thermoplastics, by the A Plastixx + E” recorded. The use of plastics in the automotive interior represented by the A Plastixx AutoInterior”belongs to the current growth-most ever. “”Here as well as in the remaining automotive – exterior, were under the hood”and electrics, summed up in the A-Plastixx AutoNonInterior”-more than 1.3 million tonnes used engineering plastics. With the new reference indexes individual analyses available now in many ways can be rounded in addition. Create the new A Plastixx especially for plastics processors and their customers “indexes more transparency in the market.” All A-Plastixx indices”including the comprehensive evaluation options are available in a subscription under a-plastixx. In June 2005, AI with the Plastixx had”the first and so far only representative index for the Price development of plastics in Western Europe introduced. His calculated monthly on the basis of determined by KI and published market prices for standard thermoplastics and Engineering Thermoplastics. According to the principle of the so-called Paasche index, all indexes are methodically”created. This means that in the index calculation the average Western European market prices for the materials go a, weighted according to Western European consumption levels. This weighting is updated annually. Christine helped

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