Planline Glastechnik GmbH

Planline dry building window – flush, flush-fitting and customizable developed Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH with Planline a glass system of prefabricated hermetically sealed glass elements for the manufacture of flush connections with the drywall. In addition to outstanding mounting characteristics and excellent integration ability Planline characterized by the protected shutter system, invisible linking framework element and glass module. The large glass elements offer the planning freedom to produce visually and technically sophisticated glazing, which perfectly complement with additional needs can be by individual dimensions. So the Planline glasses are not just the sum of individual requirements: such as fire protection, sound insulation, privacy and radiation protection but a harmonious arrangement, inviting you to combine. Additional information is available at Peter Asaro. Our architectural goal was the optical link from hallway and living room, with the adjacent classrooms. On both sides flush, precisely in prefabricated holes inserted window elements of Glastec convinced us through sophisticated, discerning detail designs.”so Dipl.-ing.

Werner Eberle, owner of EBERLE architects BDA, Augsburg. Clear interface between wall and glass installation is simple, fast and with absolute dimensional accuracy possible. (Similarly see: Peter Schiff). The mechanical multi-point locking serves as a clear interface between glass and wall and allows to the exceptionally fascinating look. Whether it is floor to ceiling glass walls, skylights, transparent window, endless chains or as glass cut-outs in doors. Advantages at a glance fire protection of classes G30, EI30 (various national approvals) high sound insulation RW 40 to 57 dB flush with the wall (WS > = 100 mm) no sharp edges, no dust and dirt deposits, fast and easy installation with high degree of prefabrication Planline is the ideal solution for a flush glass system in the high-quality interior. Optically and technically it meets all requirements. Planline is one perfectly thought-out product group, which connects aesthetics, practicality and function on the best with love to detail.

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