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Perhaps it is not so bad, and everything you need taxpayer can make a declaration using standard features. Of course, file transfer declaration to the tax office electronically program allows you to create. Pleased with some improvements, showing that caring about the user's convenience for programmers GNIVTS – not empty sound. For example, facilitated by vkolachivaniyu drudgery of data from the reference income 2-PIT. User has the ability to easily duplicate the previously entered record earnings for the month by pressing specially provided the buttons on the user interface. This year, the taxpayer had not spoiled the attention and care, can also use an alternative way to automate the preparation of the declaration provided "Pineapple Company" on the site Unlike all the now-familiar approach of programmers GNIVTS "Pineapple Company" offers taxpayers fill out simple forms directly on her site and get a result file final declaration for download from the site.

This method is interesting because it does not require the hassle of downloading and installing programs. A taxpayer may not take anything but a browser that is used to view Internet. At first glance, the Web application from the Company's Pineapple looks nice and simple. A more detailed study it appears that his capabilities are somewhat limited compared with the program GNIVTS. For example, application helps in the formation of the declaration only to individuals and businesses. But does not allow the declaration form to the taxpayer, is a lawyer, a notary public or a private citizen of a foreign state. The main advantage of a Web application from the "Pineapple Company," perhaps you can call it easy and accessible for a beginner. Successful placement of tips and background data, such as CBR refinancing rate, acting in 2008, you can also enroll in plus this web application. Thus, for a taxpayer with an experience that can recommend a tool familiar to him from GNIVTS. And for those who rarely fills in the declaration, has few sources of income and the reasons for the deductions worth a look at the supply side, "Pineapple Company." Links to the program: GNIVTS NSF Web application Pineapple Company

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