Pieter Sadatmand

What fire brigades in the acquisition should look for competitions or for the training service many fire departments purchase and new clothes for summer. Sweat shirts and polo shirts are especially popular here, many youth fire brigades equipped with T-Shirts. A great thing, especially if they are printed with the own place names or coat of arms. When choosing you should consider some points. Just fire departments take care of good quality”, says of the specialist fire Textildruck.de Pieter Sadatmand. Unfortunately, copy shops and local textile printing companies often rely on cheap goods, which is usually only a few months. You can see robust quality because that the substance has a high volume: 180 g / m should be already m shirts for sweaters at least 250 g / m. “Of course it depends also on the processing: so-called double stitching” the textiles make particularly robust.

Who wants to go to play it safe, can be seen before the dealer the shirts unfortunately this is usually not possible in Internet shops. At As for fire Textildruck.de you can request retailers pattern in all sizes. So, you can take a look at the goods on the ground alone and try to. “With the imprint of the shirts, there are numerous possibilities: logos and simple motives is suitable for the so-called Flex”. T-Shirts, sweat shirts, and much more can be printed economically even with reflective writing. Screen printing is for large runs and multi-colored motifs (E.g., coat of arms)”to use. Embroidered motifs are high quality and almost eternally durable. By other printing processes, such as, for example, transfer prints from the color copier, we can discourage only”, says the expert by the retailer.

To avoid unpleasant surprises and misprints, professional providers create always a print preview and a written confirmation of the order: only if everything is in order, will be printed. Of course, good quality and service have their price even though some retailers in larger numbers be whopping discounts. If clothing including printing cheaper is offered than in the ordinary retail, you should look closely. Who pays attention only to the most advantageous tender, annoys later often of poor quality. And upset hence his comrades.

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