Peruvian State

When studying the autonomous entities is necessary to study other branches of law as constitutional, administrative and law of succession (that the sequence is an autonomous body, which as such is rarely studied by the authors.) trade law from different states is not equal in this sense it is necessary to study the law of different states to have a complete idea of the topic under investigation. We will benchmark the Spanish law, that this is very interesting for the explanation that we make. In some states such as Spain, there are stops for the establishment of legal persons in the State of Peru there are no stops for the establishment of legal persons, to that effect in the Peruvian State can freely form a corporation or other legal persons. In the Spanish state the opposite happens, as there are stops for the formation of companies of various individuals and for-profit people made up a person. In that sense in this state is not possible to set up free legal persons, but must respect the stops.

Spain sets ceilings for the establishment of legal persons for the Community law so provides. In the Peruvian few authors have written about this topic, which is justified by research on it. In the Peruvian law caps exist for the establishment of legal persons, in some cases such as the cases of companies in the financial system, insurance companies, among others. That is, in Peruvian law by setting up buffers for banks or insurance companies, which is little known among lawyers.

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