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The magical citadel of Machu Picchu is a magnificent work of the architecture, and that is not the news but thus also talo appreciates the molecular geneticist – American, Nobel prize de Medicina and Fisiologa 2007, Mario Capecchi, that in the middle of the astonishment during its visit by the sagrada mountain, declared to feel admired by the symmetry and the extension of Machu Picchu, that allows a view of 360 degrees. Capecchi maintained that it is surprising I devise of the Incas in Peru and the Aztecs in Mexico to construct so surprising works that they denote the development of his cultures. Nobel visited Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas the last weekend and also realised a tourist route by the city of Cusco. If you are about to come to Cusco is useful in knowing Machu Picchu and visiting the strength of Sacsayhuamn, he knows and he visits everything here what you can, the architectonic monuments as the Temple of the Sun does not move. At least not at the moment. If you wonder yourself what Mario Capecchi in Machu Picchu did better qutate the doubt in one go, because Nobel arrived at Peru to attend the Seminary the International ” Investigation in cells mother: advances, controversies and perspectivas” , that desarrollarn days 10 and 11 of February in the Medical School of Peru. If it interests the medicine or the existential tourism already to you you have a data here more. It takes advantage of and it dates a return, remembers that Machu Picchu is the fourth wonder of the contemporary world. To travel to Peru.

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