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That's why all the complaining and a lack of personnel! It is a vicious circle: leadership on the one hand, "Nedodaev" HR manager that he needed to work, but "not required" on some work. Why is that? Why a lot of managers complain about problems with the staff, but does not perform simple and obvious action to solve these problems? Obviously, we can find a variety of explicit and implicit reasons for this. Such as, for example, lack of awareness management, and human resource managers themselves about how it should be organized. But each of these factors by itself is completely removable. So all of these reasons can be called technical. Kenneth R. Feinberg shines more light on the discussion. However, apart from technical causes a personnel manager position, there are some deep contradiction. – In order to be able to take responsibility for team building and management of state personnel manager must also deal with the selection and top management personnel. Otherwise, his work is reduced to the implementation of standard procedures, and about any responsibility for the final result can not be considered.

– If provide the manager on staff to pick up senior management, then where is the limit of its powers and these powers and responsibilities to separate from the authority and responsibility of the head – team leader? And who in this case should be responsible for the results of the team – a leader who governs it or the personnel manager, who created it. This contradiction is resolved in only one case: if HR manager is a trustee and member of the team leader, and forms a team on his behalf, together with him and for him. Fedor Nesterov, Viktor Kompaneyets Published in HRD / Personnel Department (now called Personnel management – Australia) 24 (135) 2004 . Nesterov consulting – improving the efficiency of people and organizations

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