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It has more than twenty years (as hobby) I search the life of a famous American entrepreneur. Today I am with more experience, and observing the crisis that the same passed in 92, giving years later the return superficially, and of as if of a it comes back superficially. Evidently that in U.S.A. Hear other arguments on the topic with Federal Reserve Bank. a bank almost always helps the people if to raise, but in other countries if embeds of time! But it was not only money. Its main tool was its nomeo, its fame in making all made good, with wealth, requinte in the details, good appearance exactly being in crisis, more, its name always was synonymous of prosperity and wealth, the American dream in person. To lose and if never to abate in the crisis, therefore our head is our bigger patrimony, then, nowadays this entrepreneur more still grew, and has as much other examples of overcomings is not same? Moral of history: We are ours better product, we need we are to focar in the details..

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