Papua New Guinea

So when a wide-open for all the best women's ears joins enchanting voice about the magical perfume, disturbing song about a beautiful pot and a jubilant hymn dressing duckling. A woman desperately in love unconditionally, and in this perfume, this pot and this duck. Well, when – love, then so No, money is not a pity! Advertising relies on women's gullibility. A woman's credulity credulity equivalent nursery. If, for example, a woman reported that 'the best dentists say the world', the woman absolutely does not think that it is for dentists, which are best, what else the world – no, she listens confidently and in a hurry to buy. Or, if the advertisement, for example, promises that the cream from the next unmatched 'wrinkles smoothed at the fifty-six percent ', the woman also had not the slightest doubt. And this is, all right, wrinkles, at least theoretically possible to count – before and after applying the cream – and confirm that they became is less than the fifty-six percent. But if the same advertising claims that more and 'Thirty-two percent (!) Improves color (!) Face', then this nonsense can not comprehend anyone.

In addition to trusting women. Finally, advertising in against a woman uses another simple, but precise calculation, which is still Maclay tested in Papua New Guinea: it is enough to show a naive child of nature mirror and beads – and you're done, they can not eyes off trifling blestyashki not rest until they possess it. And it is impossible to explain to women of ancient truth, 'all is not gold that glitters', and buys it, and will buy a necklace with an amazing low price striking as 'clean' diamonds. It should also be noted that advertisers are not only true to calculate the interest to women most advertising, but just take into account women's interests across the television program.

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