Even within the same State the evidence are not the same in the different branches of procedural law, for example within the Peruvian procedural law the evidence are not the same in the civil procedural law within the law professional procedure and towards this issue may merit for the comparative study, making the corresponding microcomparacion. Another example can be found within the civil law in which we can determine that all legal systems are regulated the same contracts in civil law, so that towards this issue may deserve comparative studies in the States concerned and that as the Peruvian Civil Code have been important to consider the Civil Code to determine the similarities, differences and causes of such similarities and differences. Another example we find is the case of legal persons in which we can determine that not all legal systems are regulated the same legal persons, so that towards this issue may merit for the comparative study. Another example can be found within the securities in which it can determine that all legal systems are enshrined the same guarantees, so towards this issue may deserve comparative study concerned. It is also necessary to take into account that not all legal systems guarantees are equally developed. Another example is the case of a legal person in particular because in all legal systems are not regulated the same people when they do legal and legal persons are not regulated in the same way in all legal systems. Another example is the case of alternative means of conflict resolution in all legal systems are not regulated the same way alternative means of dispute resolution. .

the background of the Peruvian and Spanish law codes: The Spanish Code of 1889 is the legislative history of 1804 French Civil Code, while the Peruvian Civil Code 1984 is foreign legislative history many codes, among which the Italian Civil Code 1942. The Peruvian Civil Code of 1984 legislative history is also national national standards are the Peruvian Civil Code of 1936 and the Peruvian Civil Code 1852. Peruvian Civil Code 1984 is a preliminary title comprised of ten articles, which has no divisions. The Spanish Civil Code of 1889 has made a preliminary title of sixteen articles, and is divided into chapters. sources of the law, the 1984 Peruvian Civil Code contains no rules that establish which are the sources of law, while the Spanish Civil Code of 1889 if you set which are the sources of law.

The reform commission Codes preliminarily approved reforms has been established which are the sources of law. Recording its preliminarily approved these reforms is not valid and that the same does not consider the doctrine as a source of law. That is, in the 1984 Peruvian Civil Code contains no rules on the sources of law that it contains the Spanish Civil Code of 1889. 13. Legal persons in the Peruvian Civil Code of 1984 establishes general rules for legal persons, and also contains special rules concerning the association, foundation, committee, and peasant and indigenous communities. Which are contained in the first book of the same Code. The 1889 Spanish Civil Code does not provide general rules on legal persons, so which for this issue under Spanish law is necessary to implement the law is not codified.

Do not think they are and how you can change your life. How often do we neglect this important part of Formula for success, and keeps himself busy schedule. So, for you I have a 5 secrets of prosperity! Right now, think about it and answer me: I want to change your life towards financial independence and success? And if You seriously have decided to radically change your life, here I can help. And why not? It helped me and I have no doubt that will help you. But, if you help yourself. And how could it be otherwise? After glavnre protagonist is – you! Thus, Here they are, these five secrets: Secret One: Keep track of events at the end of each day, starting today, pay for 15 minutes then to scroll through the events of the passing day. Think about what you do, where to go, with whom communicate. Think about what worked and what did not. What would you like to repeat, and that they would like next time do it differently or what they wanted to avoid. Try to remember the events of the day in detail, minute by minute. The secret to the second: Record, weigh and measure your life experiences can be a wonderful source of value, but only if everyone use it, if you can find for your prosperity, the time to write, weigh and evaluate. Ultimately, the difference in the life that lives or that person is determined not by what happens to a man, but by how a person relates to what is happening to him.

From calculations by Invision Power Board can be meet in his blog Exler.ru. Incidentally, it was long ago and is now advertising rates are growing, and therefore can zarabyvat more. Necessary skills: a) be able to do simple sites and put ads on them, b) a few hours a day spend on the invitation of men on 'your' site. The third way is also a fraud, but the meaning is opposite to the previous one: instead of knock off for pennies on the thousands of fraud to your visitors, you painstakingly looking for a simpleton, and begin to draw out money from him. In the role of a naive simpleton act foreigner who imposed pictures pretty woman allegedly burned down the home of love for him. In the past, by fraudsters from Yoshkar-Ola managed to lure a hapless German's 26,000 euros. A foreigner can understand: a girl with whom he corresponded, was like two peas similar to Anastasia Volochkova. If you can find on one such German monthly, then a year earn 300,000 euros for a brand new Bentley. That's only if you can ride on it, or you will be put before this happy moment? Necessary skills: a) foreign language, b) ability to flirt and draw money from men, and c) patience. Now let's move on to a more humane way. Way to fourth. If you do not own web sites offering dating services, you can still earn by becoming a partner already existing monsters Internet deytinga.

No progress is possible, if having only to live, decide to have kids. Having children at an early age, when one has nothing yet, when you have not been able to improve your economy, will only empobrecerte more. Your son will live with you in a room, in a cabin in any human settlement. Children must be taken when one has a job that allows you solve them, without going hungry. Otherwise it should have. If you are traveling through Europe and walking through the streets of Paris, Madrid, Berlin, will not see children. See a child is an event in those countries. But if you walk by Lima, Bogota, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, where you go, see how many children, armies of creatures everywhere.

Poor children cleaning cars, selling sweets, singing in the buses, which is sad, depressing, and a sample of that Latin American countries, people have children out of control, indiscriminately, for pleasure, even to force them to work at age 6. This evil of bringing children into the world that you can not keep up, it becomes time in promiscuous social groups, juvenile delinquents, child prostitution, drug addicts, they only bring more problems to society and increases the slums. Poverty is the result of their bad decisions then in youth. What a young person should do is study and work as much as possible. No matter what work is, but honestly earn their bread, with effort. That, I used to be laborious and progress will follow.

Here is an article in the Canadian professional Gavin Smith about how to try to keep the pot size appropriate to the strength of our hand. One of the key players at the table apply winners is their ability to manipulate the pot size. They get to play big pots when you have big hands and keep the pot small when your hand is modest. If you think carefully about your bets during a hand you can play boats that are appropriate to the strength of your hand. For starters we will see a hand that causes a lot of problems for many players: a pair of high hand. Normally, with any partner, you may be playing for half a boat.

Of course, you're happy if all your money goes into the pot preflop with aces, but beyond that, you should try to avoid playing for a big pot with only one partner. Here is an example of how you manage the size of the boat being aces. Imagine you raise preflop with a pair of aces and get paid the big blind. The flop comes J June 2 rainbow and the big blind passes. b bets the pot and the blind pay.

At this point, you can assume that your opponent has some sort of hand. You may have a pair of hand or have top pair on the flop. The other possibility is that bound a set on the flop, in which case you're in an ugly situation.

The perception of things has been determined , according to Anaxagoras, by the sense of the differences between our senses and external objects. Things are perceived by their opponents, if there is an inability to grasp reality in its small part, this is due solely to the inadequacy of the sensory organs on the other hand, accurately reflect what is put in contact with them. 1) Anaxagoras says “nothing is generated or destroyed” this assumption is more clear, and this we can deduce “no energy generates transformed or destroyed “this concept accepted in the field all sorts of changes, which Anaxagoras confirms that everything changes but only in search of order. And this order is guided by intelligence that gives animation to the subject. Perhaps a universal intelligence or consciousness. .

2) the spirit, intelligence and mind are the principles to eliminate chaos. The spirit we have a high number of conceptions, we address some definitions, in order to get an idea more clear and precise. Knowing discern, that is something that could culminate in chaos. As we know, young philosophers and physicists. The first time that esboso philosophy is the concept of spirit was in ancient Greece to introduce the concepts of nous. As a reality over material reality, a thinking principle whose meaning has sometimes been considered similar to Psyche “soul” that is, strictly speaking a vivifying principle; Pneuma itself, than the organic principle, because it transcends has resulted in many cases by spirit. In Latin where the word actually comes from Castilian spirit “spirits” as a murmur.

Your sales letter is like a salesman but in print. It is vital for any enterprise to have a marketing plan for your site and your products. Without advertising, it is almost certain that no one will know that your site exists, and the consequences of that are obvious. There is a tool that is indispensable to anyone trying to inform of any product or service, is known as a sales letter. One of the great advantages of sales letters is that it is an economical way to advertise repeatedly. Repetition is vital to the success of a marketing strategy as it tries to have reach as many people as possible and as often as possible.

It is, after all, repetition causing consumers to remember your product and think of when they decide to make a purchase. The sales letter is a reminder that although you are not verbally by a speech to a consumer in person or by phone, you’re really giving a speech of your product or service. You must convey a sense of confidence, effectiveness, security, access, and all other elements that can convert a “no thanks” in a sale. Why is it important the Sales Letter? The value of a good sales letter for your online business can not be underestimated. This is the most important part of your marketing campaign, remember that you’re not just by marketing your products, your own company. The products you sell can be found elsewhere but can not replace what is your business.

The rule must be agreed Solute Pro in the contract, which, payment or securities business documents can be validated as actual payment. Eg a bill of exchange or promissory note. 3. Communicate increased the risk (art. 1000) Substantial Aggravation (art. 1001).

– You have eight days to communicate. or Termination of the contract or application for adjustment of premium by the insurer. – The insurer has 15 days to exercise their rescission action once known the aggravation, or ask the insured a premium adjustment. The contract is terminated, only eight days after the communication of insurer to the insured. (Art. 1000) or fraud or bad faith. – Produce the nullity of the contract. (Art.

1004) or cut the risk (art. 1005). – The insured can apply for reduced premiums for subsequent periods. or Exceptions. The increase in the risk does not cause the cessation of insurer’s obligations in the following cases: i, If the insurer does not know the aggravation and ejercion action did not seek rescission or premium adjustment. i, If you had its origin in the performance of a duty of humanity. Save to a person eg. i, If the insurer has expressly or impliedly waived the right to terminate the contract for that reason. The waiver is implied, if upon receiving the written notice of the increase in the risk, does not inform the insured within fifteen days following their desire to terminate the contract or increase the premium.

You feel prepared to discuss your strengths, achievements, their willingness to work hard and learn quickly, and their ability to integrate seamlessly into the employer’s needs. But … you know nothing about the employer. You can not even be sure what type of industry they are in. Do some homework before the interview quickly and you can pick up a basic understanding of your business that can set you apart from other candidates. In the “old days”, he would need to visit a library to try to find the pattern in a directory of companies or contacts of manufacturers.

Now you can use the Internet to research. If you are lucky, and find they have their own website, explore completely, like a spider search engine, page by page and link by link. You are given a genuine insight into its organization, its achievements and its values. Try to identify what kind of problems and challenges may be facing that could be addressed in an interview. If the company does not have a website, Google and see if they show up elsewhere. If you know your product or service (if not, call anonymously and ask the receptionist what the company) the search for their name in similar sites. If the company can not find anywhere, or can not find any useful details, look at the industry that meet and see what is currently a hot topic and what the predictions for future change are discussed. All this information will be immensely valuable in his interview either to demonstrate their ability to solve problems or at least allow you to ask intelligent, relevant questions. Virginia Bola operated a rehabilitation company for 20 years, the development of innovative job search for disabled workers, while serving as a professional expert in Administrative Law, Civil and Workers’ Compensation Courts. Author of an interactive book and support, The wolf at the door: An Unemployment Survival Manual, and a monthly ezine, border workers, who can be reached at or.

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