President Medvedev calls for close loopholes for corruption in the laws of the examination. Moscow river again in the oil. Eco-friendly production in Russia may get tax breaks. Leading world powers are taking over decisive action against climate change. The tragedy of the animal world: the mass death of dolphins and penguins.

Products in France will provide labels showing of harm to the environment. Fans of Harry Potter harass British owls. Take care of the paper, gentlemen! Review of the week from 09.06.2008 to 06.15.2008. President Medvedev calls for close loopholes for corruption in the laws of Expertise: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed the head of Ministry of Environment to conduct an audit legislation relating to various kinds of expertise, especially in the regions, excluding the cases when such examinations ordered to engage in any specific companies. The President stressed need to pay attention to small business, as well as the laws relating to examination of the regions. In turn, Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev said that his ministry has already submitted proposals for change in the law, because the old rules were excessive. He noted that Russia needs to reform legislation in the industrial safety in order to minimize government involvement in the economy, then same time, leaving him in the most dangerous spots. Earlier, Dmitry Medvedev has made changes to the Federal Law "On Ecological Expertise" and the Town Planning Code, involving the state environmental examination before the construction of facilities on lands of specially protected natural areas.

Before you start looking for a good interpreter, you must deal with multiple nuances of his work, since the translation is a difficult many-sided affair. In today's world the presence of an interpreter was prerequisite for trials, registration and signing of serious documents, conferences, presentations and other events. Interpretation is translation, where the original sentence and its translation implemented in floating form. Classical implementation of interpretation – the act under which the translator receives a signal in the original form of sound, that is, 'by ear', and verbally articulates his version translation. Interpretation is synchronized and consistent. We'll talk about the latter. Sequence is called translation, when the translator starts translating only to see how the statement or its part in the language the original is finished. Interpretation interpreter puts the rigid confines of time, due to the dependence on the speed of speech to speak out.

It turns out that this type of translation the translator provides very little time to analyze the sentence and choose the appropriate words and expressions. Simultaneity adopting the original signal causes the inability to correlate any future adjustment of the translation for its implementation, and as the use of reference books. The simplest type of sequential transfer some call linear. This mostly applies when escorting an alien and excursions. He was not always expressed succinctly, in such circumstances need equipment stenographic record.

Interpreters must have the skills to quickly understand and commit in writing especially difficult place in the story, including numbers, dates and names. Consecutive interpreting is often used in a variety of protocol actions, events, delegations, business negotiations and other similar acts. Quite often there are language difficulties when translating to example, it is difficult to translate idioms, which have received different treatment, the emotional color and even the configuration in different cultures. A striking example is the Russian proverb, 'Rome was not built. " If translated into English to make a literal, then the British audience it may seem irrelevant or incomprehensible. In such a situation, rather suitable English phrase of this nature and with similar semantic load 'Rome was not built in a day'. Hence we can conclude that the expert interpretation must know both languages – the original and target language, have the skills to quickly analyze stylistic, cultural and historical details of the original sayings, correlating it with opportunities and tools for language translation. Specificity idioms manifested in the inconsistency of the program content of the program expression that determines the depth and flexibility of meaning. The most compelling evidence a wide range of opportunities idioms is their frequent use of a large number of writers, journalists and other creative figures. In addition to the idioms should focus on the fact that all the words in the text used in a particular grammatical form, but in a sentence are placed in a particular syntactic sequences. Grammar and syntax to construct proposals convey information that is an integral part of the contents of sayings. Almost every time a translator is faced with the choice of a particular case for a particular transmission scheme the meaning of grammatical forms and constructions.

We can see that sometimes phrases take on a different connotations depending on the situation. Here, the value becomes the means and meaning is purpose. It should be understood that the language we use is not at the level of value, but at the level of meaning. After going out on the street and began to enumerate all rechetativom, what you see around you, like: “That tree grows. It is great. The sky is blue.

Nearby runs a cat. The cat is gray. “You’ll look in the eyes of more than a little odd, but if you have already noticed, it is a language and written textbooks. (Incidentally, there is nothing surprising that the text read interesting, is not it?) Thus the first and important advice we want to give you – the spoken language has to learn to communicate situational, and even better in role-playing games, whereas, based on reading and listening comprehension (retelling), should be based on the interesting semantic code, which you would like and interesting read. The second aspect that the study of language can be an unpleasant surprise you. You learn, for example, language, free to read it easily and without hesitation, translating read in Russian. But here’s an unpleasant situation, including radio, or watch a movie in a language that seemed to have learned, and – nothing understand. Or brought a conversation with a native language of the learned, but can not say anything. “What’s happening?” – You ask.

Polystyrene – a new material on the market of building technologies. He appeared on the market about ten years ago. The processes of manufacturing products from this building material is continuously enriched with innovations, and this Why is expanding the range of their practical application. Polystyrene is the material component, similar in its functionality to a cellular concrete. Due to the properties, composition, and constantly improving production methods the material boasts many virtues and has several strengths over other concrete and reinforced concrete products. Polystyrene with low density has remarkable characteristics fortress, is not subject to deformation under load, can boast low thermal conductivity and an enviable soundproofed. Polystyrene fire safe and reliable to the level of other insulating compounds, as has improved performance on chemical parameters, frost resistance, water resistance and biological stability.

Recent years, more attention is paid not only the thermal wall construction standards, but also comfort stay in the building. And here in this material are hard to find a competitor. By determining the comfort aspects like vapor permeability and the inertia of heat it meets the wooden material, changing its thickness, there to achieve the desired heat resistance. It should be noted that the combination of blocks of polystyrene in the walls with the usual foam neutralizes these properties. Their remarkable properties are well manifested in the monolithic structure (often made on the construction site), and in the form of masonry components (blocks of polystyrene). For example, in housing construction, including high-rise, blocks of polystyrene is now routinely used for the production of filler parts.

Also, natural tiles are not Static electricity, not flammable, is an excellent sound insulation materials, has high thermo insulating performance, has excellent waterproofing properties. In addition, we note that one of the best ratio quality, durability and price in the market is ceramic tile Braas. And one of the best on the market of cement-sand tile is a cement-sand tile Roben. Still a number of so-title of the elite roofing materials belongs to natural slate. This stone is created by the nature in the bowels of the earth for thousands of years. Its durability and resistance to adverse effects allow the roof slate to serve more than 200 years! Colors ranging from green to gray. Slate tiles may have different views, sootvetsvtenno and modes of presentation are quite different. This diversity makes it possible to cover the roof of different types of complexity.

Natural slate for Truth is one of strong materials for the roof. Extract stone slate process is time consuming and very expensive. Accordingly, the cost of the roof is not enough money. Because of this, and to this day slate roofing really – elite roofing. Once we started our review of the most elite material for the roof, then go further down the hierarchy. Accordingly, we consider further such roofing material such as composite shingles. Metal with a sprinkling or composite Shingles is a cross between metal and ceramic roof tiles. It consists of a metal base, which has a contoured shape to the metal surface caused alyumotsinkovy layer that is securely protects against corrosion.

In the harsh Russian climate good, reliable insulation of the building is the most important factor ensuring a comfortable stay in an apartment building, production building, or in any other room. Today, at Russian market has no shortage of such materials. While domestic production is often in no way inferior to foreign analogues. One such material – boards Primaplex, which are manufactured from extruded polystyrene. They are used for thermal insulation of walls, roofs and underground facilities. Extruded polystyrene foam structure is a system of tiny isolated cell filled with a fixed carbon dioxide.

Such a system makes the panels more moisture resistant than any other type of insulation, and provides them with high strength. This is especially important for facilities with extremely high loads – such as underground structures deep foundations, airports, roads, etc. Another advantage of the plates Primaplex – low density (30-35 kg/m3), which makes the material very easy to use – the weight of the standard package does not exceed 10 kg. It is easy to cut, even knife or a saw, does not crumble and dusts, in contrast to other known insulating materials. Its easy to be laid on any surface that improves productivity when installing insulation. Allowable temperature range at which you can use the board – from – 50 C to +75 C. If he complied with the operation of buildings, the geometrical sizes of styrofoam remain unchanged for years. Finally, plates Primaplex, comprising an effective extinguishing additive flame retardants, belong to flammable or flame spreading materials.

It is better to agree on increase in the price per unit area. Still come out cheaper. Be patient and arm measuring tool, simply put, a tape measure. When calculating the cost of electrical work pay attention to such concept as 'electric point'. Electricians, not always, but often cunning and each element is connected to electrical fixtures or electrical device (lamp, chandelier, switch, junction box, hood, washing, each individual outlet, united in a common block) is considered separately for the extra point and take money for Stroebe walls, laying cable in the corrugation, laying cable in plasterboard and other construction, manufacturing holes under electrical fittings, installation setup boxes, sealing the same cutting grooves, in fact, connect each power point by the number of elapsed time and different technological operations, respectively considered and paid differently. Very interesting position is the rise of materials and garbage.

These works cost may exceed the real execution of the finishing room. So some builders say the rise 1 pounds of cargo on the number of floors. Thus, if a bag of plaster 'Rotband' weighs 30 kg., His ascent by builders on the 5 th floor, will cost you 150 rubles, while the total weight of construction materials 2.5 ton pay 12,500 blood ruble. Stevedore crew that specializes in raising materials for the same work would take about 4000 rubles. A similar situation with the removal of construction debris. Hire a separate crew for the dismantling and removal of trash. These people know their job and do it quickly, efficiently and at an adequate price.

In Accounting original carrying value of the property formed the basis of the total lease payments under the lease agreement. If the compounds are not included purchase price, it would mean that not all costs associated with the acquisition of the leased property, included in the original cost. In our opinion, for accounting purposes and the tax assessment on property that has an initial value of the property taken at the balance sheet lease agreement, must be formed based on the total amount of lease payments, with the addition of the redemption price, if it is not included in the total amount of lease payments. In which case, the contract should provide for the payment of redemption price, in excess of the total amount of lease payment? The economic basis for allocating the redemption price occur when the costs Lessor related acquisition of the leased property and bringing it to the state suitable for use, no lessee may be reimbursed within the established parties of the lease, despite the fact that the parties to the calculation of lease payments laid depreciation based on the regulatory useful life skorektirovannogo on the mechanism of accelerated depreciation. If you strictly follow this method of calculating the lease payments, the redemption price will be exactly equal residual value of leased property according to tax records. Variations occur when the above method of determining the lease payments are not strictly enforced, which is quite acceptable in practice since under civil law, the parties are free under certain conditions and the contract price.

For making a window unit uses laminated veneer lumber, used as a glazing windows. In larger houses and apartments to exit to the garden or to go from one room to another using portals. This word comes from the Latin porta, which means "entrance". Currently the portal is called the main entrance to the building, as well as door and balcony sliding design. Their happy owners the opportunity to enjoy panoramic view from the window, from your sofa or chair. In residential areas are usually installed portals with parallel sliding opening system or with folding doors, such as "accordion" for conservatories sometimes used and up-and-sliding model.

For portals, especially leading to a terrace or balcony, is characterized by the use of glass. Among the advantages of the portal – a large area, allowing plenty of light to pass at any time of year. All this increases the visual space, making it more open and more voluminous. Typically, one of the wings portal can recline, providing ventilation in closed session. Of the main drawbacks is high cost: the larger the area of glass design portal, the higher its value.

Despite the fact that stained glass look decorative home decoration, the windows with a pattern of colored glass serve no worse conventional transparent. After all, in fact, stained glass – it's not so much a window as part of its translucent: the word vitrum, which gave it its name, in Latin and means "glass". Therefore, the window with this unusual design may be the most different: large and small, with a rotary or swing-out mechanism, hinged or sliding.

Virtually every one of us knows what a loan is. Too many people have ever used them or used at present. Not fewer people are going to get it in the future. You can hear a variety of assessments relating to system of cash credit in our country. Someone said about the huge percentage and extremely unprofitable loans, others complain about banks allegedly deceiving customers’ latent interest, others just happy opportunity to live on credit. As they say, many people – so many opinions. Credit relationship – it’s pretty difficult area of economic life, so it becomes really important to have some kind of objective knowledge, to be able to objectively evaluate it.

Let’s look at probably the main issue, which is given a very large number of our countrymen – the question of cost of credit. Of course, comparing the percentages rates in the economies of developed countries, with Russia’s realities, there is the idea of “obdiralovke. But let us not flee in the wake of emotions. After all, we need an objective assessment of what is happening. At the competitive market (a market of banking credit – this is a very competitive market), the price of something (in this case – the interest rate) is determined by objective economic factors. Bank to lend you money, you need somewhere to take them. A takes he had them, either by attracting deposits, or take them himself. Thus, the value of money in a country strongly influenced by the interest rate on the loan. A value of money determined by the level of inflation. Above the inflation rate – more.

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